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Rescue-Metro-CityLet me introduce you to the unique game Rescue Metro City.
A very good work that fans of Streets of Rage and the "Beat 'em Up" genre must have in their collections.
This game is excellent in all its features.

The story recreates a united world where the characters of Final Fight interact with those of Streets of Rage.
This is a spectacular show and a great new story where Axel, Blaze, Zan and Adam along with the rest of their band will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Final Fight.

Mr.X attacked Metro City. His armies, which include robots and aliens, are too powerful for local unions. Mr.X's army easily captures the city and smashes Bellger's bosses to pieces. His strongest generals are defeated or captured by Mr.X, ending the Belger era, and the new ruler of Metro City settles his empire there.
In addition to defeating Bellger, Shiva also defeated and conquered the territory of the Japanese Boss Retu. Commander Black is completely under the control of X's robots.
As Bellger's world disintegrates, M. Haggar's squad tries to bring order. However, this new threat seems difficult to control. Cody and Jessica are captured by Mr.X. Now the cloning technology that Blaze once cloned is producing new Cody clones that are quite powerful.
The gameplay takes place in Metro City and other areas present in the Final Fight trilogy. Zan and Axel's gang looks quite comfortable in this atmosphere. The individual elements fit perfectly and the synchrony is absolute.
The action takes place entirely between the characters of Streets of Rage. Haggar, Cody, Guy and the rest of the band are still in the game. They are present in cinematography and sets as accompanying elements.

The mechanics of the game are fascinating, and create for us an impressive compilation of first-class elements.
New details and even whole new stages have been added.
In fact, Rescue Metro City is made up of four separate games that recreate the stories from the trilogy.The fourth mission is entirely an author's compilation.
Between the different levels you will find many shortcuts that can lead you to alternative stories or take you to another part of the map. For example, if you go on road number 3 and deviate at an additional entrance, this may send you another mission.

In addition to the 4-in-1 formula, Rescue Metro City also offers:
32 different rounds, more than 120 backgrounds, music layout from SNES, Mega Drive, Mega CD and more. Many items to use, as well as a huge amount of breakable items.
-In addition, it will be good to know that the author has hidden for you many additional bonus lifes or uzi-gun. you will find them in the lower left corner of the screen when you start the level. They are usually hidden behind a barrier and not visible.

This compilation uses the Streets of Rage Remake engine, which means that it will give it an authentic vision of both the artistic elements and the gameplay.
All the settings you enter through the SorR console will also apply to this mod.
The game is made for the SorR 5.1 engine version. You can also play it on SorR version 5.2 but without using a widescreen.

Creator of this game is the French artist Tarma and SoR Remake society.
Ready to to Play Version [V3] !
⭐👉 Download Rescue Metro City SoRR5.1

How can we install the mod of Rescue Metro City?
Download SoR Remake V5.1 OR V5.2 first. 
Download Rescue Metro City.
Unzip it === >> copy the folder of the Rescue Metro City and past it into the Games folder of SoR Remake.
\ Streets of Rage Remake \ mod \ games
Turn on the game from SorR.exe and select SOR-MAKER from the menu.
Thats all - play and fun!

⭐👉 Download Rescue Metro City v3 !

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