Streets of Rage by BomberGames

maz-character-streets-of-rage-remake Well, friends, this is possibly the best remake ever. Characters from your favorite game series will come to life.
This title was created by SEGA and dates back to 1991. The game became a real hit and followed several sequels and alternative versions for different consoles.
The game is coming back to new life thanks to the fans at BomberGames studio. These are true fans of the game and their remake is amazing. So, we appreciate it very much.
A modern look with an authentic spirit. Improved missions, added character or anything at all, anything fans asked SEGA to add.
Oh! in short, the best beat 'em up remake ever made is this one.
You will also find an interesting game setting panel loaded with many interesting items, bonuses and skills. through it you will be able to change the game to your liking.

The engine that drives Streets of Rage Remake makes a special impression. It was created with one goal in mind, namely to be an authentic remake of the original SEGA game - Streets of Rage.
However, this is a closed-source engine. This means that it is created as a single one and cannot be used to create other projects with different characteristics.
All incremental changes made by independent developers are solely related to the development of Streets of Rage Remake.
However, SorR remains a rich environment for the development of numerous sub-projects. Thanks to the SORmaker feature, multiple visual builds and individual mods can be produced. Tons of new games and remakes. All of them will have the qualities that are most characteristic of SorR.
Due to their huge amount, Mods are separated in a separate section which you can visit from this link - 
Streets of Rage Remake Mods.

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Developer: Bombergames
Engine: SoRR
License: Free - Non-Commercial

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