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Cannoneer | Online TD

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Cannoneer is a unique tower defense game combined with a logic puzzle and complex tactical and strategic calculations.
Of course, this fits into a simple and unpretentious animation.
However, the game has excellent qualities and its fans will be many.
In fact, it is rather a line of fire with a powerful turret at the head.
It is not an army that is advancing against you, but cubes. Each cube must be hit a certain number of times before being eliminated.
The cubes advance towards your base, and with each move they become more and more difficult to eliminate and the required hits increase.
Through accurate shooting, you will be able to collect additional bullets, through which you will shoot at the enemy with a whole raid.
However, accurate symmetry and proper shooting can help you eliminate many of the cubes at once.
This game is online TD and you can play it directly from your browser without installing it.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

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