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Armour Clash  | TD-FL Game

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Armor Clash is another great game produced by GameOnHai in the "front line style". This tactical war game belongs to the group of TD games.
You have defensive towers and a base, as well as an army, thanks to which you can attack the enemy.
Great front, full of machines clinging to a spectacular tank battle.
In addition to selecting the right machines, according to the objectives to be overcome and the resources you need, you can also mobilize your army on the tactical map. You will be able to place your tanks in selected positions that are most effective.
Of course your computer is enemy, has the advantage of perfect calculations and so can always create optimal armies.
That's why an upgrade tree has been added to the game, where you can improve the qualities of your equipment.
The exchange of tank units is typical for any battle and you will have to choose the most suitable for battle.
Very interesting and dynamic game that you will want to play.
Play online that is free browser game.

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