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Best New Storyline!

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Night Slashers: A Streets of Rage Remake mod is an unassuming but very well-built SorR mod. The original story from Night Slashers is retold through the characters in Streets of Rage.
About 45 minutes of gameplay with perfect synchronization between individual elements.
Since the mod is available on the SorR 5.1 platform, you'll be able to use all of its fixes and additions.

Download and unzip the game mod.
Copy the DATA folder and paste it in the SorR5.1 installation directory.
Copy the contents of folder ''paletas enemigos Night Slashers'' and paste them in folder ''SorR5.1\palettes\enemies''.
Copy the contents of folder ''paletas protagonistas Night Slashers'' and paste them into folder ''SorR5.1\palettes\chars''.
Place the folder ''Night Slashers'' in ''SorR5.1\mod\games''.

Play from SorR5.exe
-- SorR Maker
Download the ready-to-play version.
The authors of this mod are Cm_Blast and  SorR community.

>>>Download by Archive! - Zip
>>>Download by Red Brilliant Fox! - 7zip
β­πŸ‘‰ Download Ready to Play Version <<<πŸ“₯πŸ“₯>>> Download the Mod

β­πŸ‘‰ Download Data File [New Chars]

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