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08 Dec

Best New Storyline!

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Simply Awesome! Rudra: Nightfall 1.1 is the name and finished version of the Rudra 2029 project!
Perhaps many of us felt that it was long past time for a new narrative and a new line of events.
A world that retains the spirit of SoRR but develops the concept on a larger and more diverse scale. To develop new gameplay stories and thus prevent the possibility of SorR becoming boring.

And here's a new game from Oracle that might open up that new niche and inspire new work!
The game looks more like a concept model but is fully playable.
The staked concept could pave the way for a whole new branch of Streets of Rage Remake development alongside classic mods.

But what does Rudra: Nightfall possess?
First, a new, in-depth, and original story set forward in the near future.
Mr.X's syndicate no longer exists, but its revival has begun. Far away in Tokyo, Mr.X's evil machine gathers speed. It is now run by the daughter of the Sindicate boss.
As you can guess, the missions in Rudra: Nightfall take place in Japan, and Rudra is the main protagonist there. Backed up by a new logistics support team in the form of Risa and Gaius Onix.
Of course, Axel, Blaze, and Adam's group still exists and is part of the story, but it's far away in Wood Oak City. Thus, the focus of the adventures in Streets of Rage Remake shifts to Rudra and interacting with this new team.

The gameplay also has its own peculiarities.
Rudra: Nightfall has short and short stages with all new scenery. New attributes in every aspect. New pallets for the enemies as well as an all-new and futuristic car fleet.
In Rudra: Nightfall (Rudra 2029), you'll find a whole maze of alternate routes to take, as well as a plethora of choices to make. All of these will determine how your gameplay will proceed.

The story seems to remain open, which promises new additions to its development.
We are eagerly waiting for the author to delight us with the next episode of Rudra: Nightfall (Rudra 2029).
The authors of this mod are Oracle and  SorR community.

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A very good proposal for a Beat 'em Up game that might pave the way for a whole new branch in the evolution of Streets of Rage Remake!

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