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21 Jun

The new game update Rudra: Nightfall (Rudra 2029 v1.2) is now ready. Along with numerous decorative changes, you will be able to enjoy an elegant and dynamic gameplay that lasts more than two hours. The multiple alternate routes will also have you replaying Rudra: Nightfall over and over again. This is because each of them hides a different story and an alternate plot to unravel.
The action in Rudra: Nightfall is a continuation of the original story from Wood Oak City, but it begins in the distant year 2029 in the city of Tokyo. That is, the game takes us forward into the future and to a new place.
A different and unprecedented world with robots, digital holograms and virtual reality.
This new futuristic world is also introduced by new characters and as the main formal boss you will meet the daughter of Mr.X who is known as Ms.Y.
A very interesting game which, among other things, also has a very rich conjuncture in which you will be able to immerse yourself.
The plot is specially created for the character of Rudra so as the author says, it is desirable to play with her.

Authors of this mod are Oracle[Onixand Don Vescta by Streets of Rage Remake Community

You can find these guys and their artwork and games in the Community Forum 

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