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From this page on our site you can download the game Rudra: Nightfall Complete V1.4 (updated)

OH! Oracle, Oracle, Oracle, This inspired author from Portugal has once again rejoiced fans with his mod for SoRR5.1, Rudra Nightfall Complete. This is the project with the Rudra 2029 starting title. It has grown into a larger and more modern production. The current version is 1.4, which also has numerous fixes and improvements. New skins have been added for a number of weapons, objects, and artifacts that you will see for the first time here in this version of the game. These patches can later be applied to all other Streets of Rage Remake 5.1.
The whole background has also been improved, with the active elements now located most ergonomically.
The gameplay is accompanied by a very rich synopsis, telling a rich and intriguing story with a lot of romance. The main character here is the ninja from SoRR, Rudra, and gamers will be able to track her adventures through their gameplay.
As is characteristic of all the games in the Beat 'Em Up genre, here you will be able to enjoy a lot of overwhelming action, with added shooting, helicopters, futuristic motorcycles, drones, and numerous robotic humanoids. As you may guess, the employed MR.X Robots in the 1980s have already been put into operation in 2029 and are everywhere.
However, the heirs of his union have control over them.
The action in this 'Mod' of the Streets of Rage remake takes you away from Wood Oak City. Your adventures begin in Tokyo, and you will later join the rest of the group: Axel, Blaze, and Adam.

We have also added two new characters to this version and offered them for download in an exclusive compilation.
These are the characters of Police Blaze and Agent Drix, which replaces ASH. The two heroines are beautifully designed and are very appropriate to the atmosphere and history of Rudra Nightfall v.1.4. They have a futuristic broadcast and non-standard combat techniques, which have already won many fans among SoRR fans.

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Author: Oracle [Community Forum] and with special Don Vecta's assistance.
Author of Drix character: Kyu Rain [Forum of the patch] and Oracle
Author of Police Blaze character: @teramussa [YT]

Engine: Streets of Rage Remake 5.1
Type: MOD / modification
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Ready to Play [Compilation]
Need installation [Mod]

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Use the Q key on your keyboard to find the hidden characters or change the controller settings to your liking
⭐👉 Download Rudra Nightfall [Compilation] 
⭐👉 Download Rudra Nightfall 1.4 [Mod]
+Blaze Cop + Brix chars

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