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13 Sep

From this page on our blog, you can download the game Streets of Rage D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) for free. 

This is a very interesting mod by Lucas HB for Streets of Rage Remake v.5.1.
The story is not complicated, but it is inspiring. Mr.X has announced a bounty on the heads of Axel Stone and his band. As you know, it includes both Blaze, Zan, Max, and Adam, as well as some of the former members of the syndicate, such as Rudra and Elektra.
Wood Oak City is under the control of Mr. X, and now they are all running from Mr.X's armies and mercenaries to save themselves. So, like any beat 'em up game, here you will find a lot of action and a tense fight against a multi-talented opponent.
The technical performance of the game is excellent. Many new and never-before-seen scenes are arranged in over 70 stages. Several alternate routes as well as four different game endings. Also, the new plot includes Easter eggs and surprises that you will have to discover.
The most exciting thing about the game is the soundtrack and musical layout, which provide gamers with comfort and a good atmosphere through which they can immerse themselves in the story.

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Author: LucasHB 
Engine: Streets of Rage Remake
Type: Mod of SoRR v5.1
Genre: Beat 'em Up/ Fighting
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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