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21 May

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New life for SoR !

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 Blaze is on top with this new fashion-try on haul, originating from the warm beaches of Brazil and Puerto Rico. Definitely she looks stunning, romantic and sexy. This patch is for the engine of Streets of Rage Remake 5.1 and it adds the image of Naked Blaze to the selection of characters for the game, directly replacing one of the original images of Blaze Fielding.
In its characteristics, this new image is more spectacular than the original. Blaze's weak nature has now been replaced by a more powerful and gorgeous figure who will no doubt impress his audience. The light sun tan she has acquired is an additional star shine of her already spicy nature. All other abilities and skills are preserved.

You can install this patch on any Streets of Rage Remake 5.1 mod by placing the match files in the game DATA folder.
In fact, Naked Blaze is not entirely nude. She has kept her red boots. In addition, they are the most extravagant part of her otherwise charming gait.
Okay, this patch is offered for free download on the internet. You can use and follow the secure download links we offer. Undoubtedly, the fashion with Naked Blaze Fielding is quite spicy and will become a favorite for many fans.

The authors of this mod are SorR5.1 community.


 Installation - How to install?
-Download-unzip-copy the content-paste into the data folder of SorR
If you have not a data folder, you mus be create ano.

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Spicy, sexy - amazingly beautiful. The new form of Blaze Fielding stops the spirit and leads to great amazement. Hot summer, sea heat, sun tan. Sensation for every tabloid... Blaze Fielding is topless-naked and holding a gun.

free unzipper 7zip Download
 unzipper download   
This link will take you to the official website of 7-zip program, where you will be able to download its latest version.

When you install this patch, it will only work with the image of the Бlaze Feilding shown in this picture.

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