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15 Apr

On this page of our Free Game Store, you can download the game Street of Rage Remake: Captain Commando, quickly, easily, and safely.

 Let me introduce you to a retro game that came out in the distant year 2013. Although one of the first games for the SorR console, it has its qualities. In fact, if you want to replay the story of "Captain Commando" in a new way, you can upload the console to your computer and load this mod.
The additional update from 2018 adds some additional features to this interesting game. Enemy stamina has been reduced, although the number of bosses has doubled. Enemy units are also available, which have extremely low endurance. They are literally eliminated with a single blow.
Another important feature of this mod is that Cm_Blast uses the original sets from the game Capcom: Captain Commando. This way, you will go along the original routes and battlefields. All this, but in a new way. Streets of Rage bazookas are very effective in this new environment. Their explosives easily overthrow enemies by splitting them in two. Powerful explosions fill the screen. The game is actually quite difficult and long. But if you use the bonuses from the Blaze store, they will be significantly reduced. This is because rifles and bazookas are very effective here. If you turn on the "infinity ammo" option, this will give you a big advantage. If you include the "keep hold of weapons between stages" option, your advantage will be huge. However, there are some speed drains and stages that are still difficult to overcome. For example, stage 5 with riding bikes is difficult to overcome. Even if you knock down the motorcyclist, the bike starts moving towards you and explodes. In addition, you also race to them at high speed.
The game will appeal to many, especially those who are fans of Captain Commando.
Like all SorR mods, this one is available for free download via the provided links.
License: Play for Free.

How do I install the ''Captain Commando'' mod in SorR 5.1?
Download and unzip the mod for ''Captain Commando''.

Copy the ''Captain Commando'' folder and paste it into the ''games'' directory of SorR.
SorR\MOD\ GAMES Copy the content of ''Paletas Captain Commando'' and paste it into the enemies folder of SorR.
SorR\ palettes \ enemies

Play from SorMaker MENU.
That's all—play and fun! 

Creator of this mod is Cm_Blast and SoR Remake society.

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Developer: Cm_Blast [The game's forum on SorR community]
Developer of the Weapons and Blaze Patch is Teramussa
Engine: Streets of Rage Remake 5.1
Type: MOD / Remake
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Need installation 

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⭐👉 Download Streets of Rage Remake: The End [Super Fast-Terabox]
⭐👉 Direct Download Service - 2018 [Rekonise] 

⭐ Download Weapons and New Blaze [Patch]
⭐👉 Download mod vesion 2013 [Rekonise]

A great remake that transports the characters of Streets of Rage to the world of Captain Commando.

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