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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense | Online Game

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Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense tells the story of a game as old as the world. Trolls, orcs and all sorts of other hordes are invading the human world. Countless maps, gullies, deserts, mountains and volcanoes are part of the human world and now trolls want to take it from them. For defense, you have an amazingly large set of defenses, towers, magic rituals and various bonuses to stop the invaders. However, this is not an easy task. Trolls are many and ruthless. Their hordes can also pass through a well-guarded fortress. For this you need to fix the towers and prepare the updates as best and appropriately as possible. Each tower has its own priority and is not equally strong against all creatures.
The game is interesting, the animation is good, saturated dynamics, additional incentives that will make you replay the game, more and more.
Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense is an online  game that uses HTML5 and you can play online directly from your browser.

This TD Game guarantees you long hours of intense fun and enthusiasm. 
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