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King Defense | Online TD Game

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King Defense is an intriguing TD game that stands out from the rest of this genre.
But what is the game?
A special feature that distinguishes of the others of towers of defense.
It seems that these towers can't stop the enemy in any way. In addition, you have no additional skills or magic.
But here is a significant detail about the game and that is the tech tree. From this menu you can add various new qualities to the towers and improve their features.
You can also select several difficulty modes, which will greatly facilitate your resource collection.
This game produced by Wali Games will make you your fans. Extremely fascinating and complex tactics in one elementary control mode.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com
King Defense is a classic tower defense game with many different maps and missions and an unusual tactical system involving a limited set of tools, but requiring complex combinability and strategy.

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