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08 Sep

From this page of our blog, you can download the game Minimum Rage v.1.1, a mod of Streets of Rage Remake.

The story of Minimum Rage 1.1 takes us away from Wood Oak City.
A mob boss called Rasputin sells illegal weapons in America. Our fighters from the group of Axel Stone and Adam Hunter set out on a journey to a mysterious Russia to find this mob boss and eliminate his syndicate.
The plot in Minimum Rage 1.1 will introduce you to a completely new environment with old buildings in snow and architecture typical of distant Russia.
The eight stages that you will have to go through present a completely new environment that has not been seen before in other editions of Streets of Rage Remake. They will take you on a transport helicopter, on top of unfinished buildings, dungeons, or swinging platforms.

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Author: Serrr
Engine: Streets of Rage Remake
Type: Mod
Genre: Beat 'em Up/ Fighting
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play or Need Installation 
The download options include two variants of the game: Ready to Play and ''Need Installation''.
Ready to Play is a ready-installed version of the game on top of SoRR 5.1: Collection for V5 by Vecta.
Optionally, you can also download only the relevant mod, without the engine, and then add and Install it to your preferred version of the engine.
You can choose which variant to download according to how it best suits your computer system.

Good Streets of Rage Remake Mods to Download!

⭐👉 Download Ready-to-play version 
⭐👉 Download only Minimum Rage 1.1 Mod

Need Installation

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