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08 Oct

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On this page of our blog, you can download the game Streets of Rage Remake: Wanter's Revenge easily, quickly, and safely.

The universe of Streets of Rage Rmake is huge, almost vast. The fan community of this guild is constantly creating new games and mods. Here now we will present to you for download this one mod called Wanter's Revenge. The game is excellent, the story is new. Although there are some flaws in the construction of this mod, with more patience you will be able to overcome them.
On some of the stages, some of the enemies remain blocked off the screen. To unblock them you will need to use the massive strike or air support button. You may also have to wait for the time to expire to respawn with a new special to use.

Developer: LoftyD's Forum Page

Engine: Streets of Rage Remake 5.1
Type: MOD / Remake
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Need installation [Paste the mod folder into the games folder of SoRR]

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Download the Patch by Terramusa

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