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08 Dec

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New life for SoRR !


Best New Storyline!

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Haha, very well - best game for all of us! 

What a great find for our collection. As gamers, we value good games and the creative potential invested by their authors. So now from the depths of virtual space, we have found and here is this wonderful mod for the game Streets of Rage Remake.
It is called Syndicate Chaos: The Darkside Chronicles and is the Full Edition Pack. A virtual package of several mods collected in one common compilation.
The story tells of great and devastating events in Wood Oak City caused by Mr.X's syndicate. Its new facilities have reached a high degree of development and power.

Among other things, this compilation is a remixed and improved version of two older mods. The improvements are great and fans will be fascinated to replay these wonderful games once again.
We also added the Geese Howard character to the game. It replaces one of the Shiva images. It fits the plot of the game very well.

Among the ranks of the Syndicate there is complete chaos and its members are reorganizing. Bosses have been swapped, others are missing. The decorations feature new images that are not typical of SorR and were first introduced to fans through the game Syndicate Chaos: The Darkside Chronicles.
A completely new environment, with new stages and even bosses. The once distinguished fighters have risen through the ranks of Mr.X. They are no longer rank-and-file members or middle bosses of the union, but powerful and influential figures.

The authors of Rise of Lucia are Blackblade34, Final Crash and  SorR community.

Geese Howard

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