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28 Aug

You may download the Comix Zone Skin Patch for the Streets of Rage Remake game directly from this page.
You can get a save file with ''all unlock'' properties from this website as well. 

Let's thank Serrr and Nick Puzirkov for the wonderful mod to the game Streets of Rage Remake, titled Comix Zone Remake. This is a large-scale patch that makes significant changes to the game's construction. Although purely cosmetic, without changing the values of the engine, they create an entirely new atmosphere. A whole host of new ornaments, artifacts, sounds, and art effects have been added, as well as an all-new character in the form of Sketch Turner. This mod takes you into the Comix Zone universe and its history.

What is the Comix Zone Patch?
We managed to extract this part of the Comix Zone Remake mod, which is responsible for adding the new details such as skins, sound and art effects, and a new character, and separate it as a separate patch. In this way, you will be able to add a whole series of novelties and improvements to the classic game without having to download the entire mod, which is significantly more voluminous and significantly changes the game.

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Authors: Serrr
Engine: Streets of Rage Remake
Type: Patch
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Use]
Status: Need installation:
Instructions: Paste the ''data'' folder into the main directory of the game.

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⭐👉 Download Comix Zone Skin Patch 
⭐👉 Download Comix Zone Remake Full Mod

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