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17 May

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New life for SoRR !

Best New Storyline!

⭐👉 Author's YouTube Channel <<=== Onix
⭐👉 Author's YouTube Channel <<=== scpecial thanks Don Vecta

Battle for Rio 2 - over the Game:

A great continuation of the Battle for Rio saga was created by the author Onix as a mod for the game Streets of Rage Remake 5.1.
You may remember Battle for Rio—strong dynamics and intense action. There are many novelties to discover and an excellent scenario that develops the action in the game.
The new sequel is even better. It takes us into a far more interesting world.
The Wood Oak City fighters are once again on the trail of Mr.X and his syndicate's investments. They take them again to the city of Rio de Janeiro. This rich atmosphere is well suited to the ambitions of this boss. However, after his downfall in the previous installment, his criminal network is run by Rudra and Shiva.
They organize the unions in a new and modern way. Defeating them will be a really exciting adventure.
Now this remake introduces a completely new and never-before-seen world for fans that will impress even the best players. From the links we have provided, you can download both the original copy of the game and the additional modified version of Battle of Rio 2, which also includes Geese Howard as a selectable character.

The Battle for Rio 2 authors: Onix (Oracle), with a special appearance by Don Vecta and  SorR community!


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