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the Girls Special 2 | OpenBoR

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And so the コウ Creator Channel games keep getting better and better. Unfortunately, however, this author stopped making his games available to the general public, and this is one of the last works of his to be discovered.
And so the game Special Girls includes a total of 12 ondel characters. Some of them, like Maki for example, are well known, while others are completely new. All of them are part of the Manga art genre and through the OpenBoR system have been added to the Beat 'em up game rim.
The works of コウ Creator Channel bear their own and distinctive signature. They stand out for their simplicity. Irrational ratios between individual elements and lack of synchronization between some gameplay segments. However, connoisseurs will appreciate this very highly.
We would definitely keep games from this author because his compositions are like no other.
Well, the Girls Special 2 is a dynamic action game with a strong female presence.

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This game has been created by コウ Creator Channel and OpenBoR Community.

One of the last, at least for now, games produced by コウ Creator Channel

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