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07 Oct
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Great—a new compilation for all of us. It is not new as an arrangement, but it is an improved version of previous similar conceptual formats that were built on the basis of Genesis.
The good Street Fighter team is in a wonderful crossover on the streets of Wood Oak City. Ken, Ryu, and Dhalsim Guile are featured in this main character series. They replace the original Streets of Rage lineup and, among other things, have their own fighting style that is characteristic of their appearances in the Street Fighter arenas. However, these heroes look very good against the hostile bandits of Mr.X's syndicate. Their fighting skills are superior, but still, X's enemies and bosses are very strong. Well, you have great gameplay that has been changed and looks in a new way.
The elements are synchronized very well, and the gameplay quality is excellent.

The authors of this game are SEGA and Fan Community.
date: 1993
System Requirements:

New life to the old gaming stories..!

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