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12 Oct
The fundamental element of our digital society !
Remember, protect and keep this fundamental culture of the past !
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According to the creator of this program, MAME UIFX is a full version of MAME, which is designed primarily for LCD monitors. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it on all other machines. On the contrary, the MAME UIFX version 0.129 looks great. It charges easily and efficiently, and the games powered by it work with incredible ease. Unfortunately, since 2016, the project MAME UIFX has not worked. The main architect of this software abandoned further development. But the program is already excellent. It is great, and its qualities make it comfortable to use. As in the original version of MAME, here it is enough to put your favorite rum in the directory and enjoy a real and authentic experience.
What is the program?
This is an emulator that allows you to create a virtual arcade machine. The same huge electronic devices we know from the past, now through MAMEUIFX, have become digital software.
As magnificent as they are, the once-legendary projects are a thing of the past. They are being replaced by new generations and new versions of new stories and adventures. With the disappearance of arcade machines, the opportunity for people to enjoy this archaic age disappears. Motherboards and huge chips now collect dust and thus depreciate the software codes in them. The old, living stories of fairy tale characters and urban battles remain erased in the dust.

Thanks to this software, however, anyone who owns their roms can use their copies again. Now on computer consoles in a far more comfortable environment. You will again play the same games from the past that seemed to be forgotten by their creators.
And these are more than 10,000 different games, more than 10,000 different titles, and hundreds of hours of active and intense gameplay that you will be able to revive with this amazing emulator.
You can take a closer look at what the emulator has to offer on the MAMEUIFX community forum. You can also find a working copy in the archives of the Internet.
The stored version of the emulator there is 0.129, and it is characterized by excellent performance and high stability. What does the emulator console require?

In general, these are very low system requirements.
Processor: 400 MHz–2000 MHz
Video Card: 8MB-32MB
RAM: 64MB-512MB

New life for the old arcades legends.

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