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12 Oct
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The website of MAME UI - the authors''
MAME UI forum - discussions

Very good edition of the MAME UI engine.
The user interface is excellently designed and easy to use. The program core is adapted to support over 8,000 different ROMs.
The included versions of the motor are for 32- and 64-bit processors.
Because we offer you some links for direct download, we also enclose a quote from the download requirements.

What does the emulator console require?
In general, these are very low system requirements.
Processor: 400 MHz–2000 MHz
Video Card: 8MB-32MB
RAM: 64MB-512MB
The creators of MAME-UI, or MAME as it is also known, are Angelo Salese, Bryan McPhail, and Nicola Salmoria.
Creator of ROMs that emulate MAME-UI. These are many different developers, and their credits can be found in the relevant files found in the ROMs. 

Download only engine - MameUI64.139 Download only engine - MameUI32.139

Single ROMs

Full Packs

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