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07 Oct
NOTE! The fundamental element of our digital society !
NOTE! - Remember, protect and keep this fundamental culture of the past !

So, this game pack is very similar to the Girls Game Pack. It is again dedicated to the heroines. The main thing about it is that new versions of existing characters are added, or entirely new personalities are added. The difference between the two game packs is that this one is 16+, and the models are quite exotic. They are once again created by fans who have unleashed their imaginations and thus created a more exotic world for gamers. The new heroines are topless or exotic. In fact, there is quite a spicy nature to each one. However, their fighting qualities are the same, so the action is full and awesome.
These mods will bring you back to the world of Wood Oak Ciry, and you will once again be able to fight the great Mr.X and his syndicate.

System Requirements: 

New life to the old gaming stories..!

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