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07 Oct
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A great compilation of new characters! Wood Oak City adventures played out in a new way!
The best heroes in new crossover skirmishes!

The game Streets of Rage 2 is an inspiration for many fans. They create and recreate many different versions of our familiar heroes and their adventures. In this game pack, we will present you with some remixes dedicated to female characters. The main characters here have either been replaced or new ones have been added. Such are Linn from the Predator vs. Predator arcade game, Psylocke from Marvel X-men, Rudra, Elektra and the Amazon, Chun-Li, and others. The mods are made by fans and are mainly dedicated to SoR2 and SoR3. The new characters also have new qualities and, thus, can recreate a much more dynamic and action-packed story.
Well, you can download this game pack after visiting the archive pages.
Girls Game Pack! of SoR2 MOD includes:
the Amazon, Electra 2, Electra, Rudra Final, Psylocke, Chun Li, Electra, Linn, Electra SoR2, Hannah Dundee, Lynn Kurosawa, Mona&Lisa, Tia Langray, Lynn Kurosawa, SoR 3, Tia Langray, SoR3. Each of these mods is, by its very nature, separate and played as a separate game.
System Requirements:


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