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Among Us Crazy Gunner

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This game is great. A third-person shooter that you can play at full speed.
Among us there is an impostor they told themselves and a shootout ensued.
Your impostor must eliminate the enemy detachments. Air support can provide you with new weapons, and the tour will allow you to buy new ones. You will receive additional crystals for each match, and through them you will be able to improve the characteristics of both the weapons and your armor.
Among Us Crazy Gunner is a 2D game and offers a dizzying shootout. You will be able to run between the floors under the pressure of shooting and shooting. Your imposter must be accurate.
This game is HTML5 and you can play it directly from your browser online without having to install it.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

Among Us Crazy Gunner
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