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Amongus.io Online

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Amongus.io Online is an adventure game that you can play online against other opponents. It draws its inspiration from the classic game ''Among us'' but this battlefield is an arena and is always crowded. Your main task will be to eat as many snacks as possible and thus increase the number of your crew. You can also eat the enemy's crew and thus increase your own. If your number is bigger than your opponent's, you can eat him as well.
In general, this game follows the scenario of the snake that eats and extends, with the difference that if you meet other snakes you can eat them. Here everyone has their crew, everyone is an imposter for everyone, every imposter will try to eat you or you have to eat him.
This game is 3D webgl and you can play it directly online from your browsers without installing it.
Among us .io guarantees you long hours of fun, and multiplayer makes the mess unique.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

Amongus.io Online new game
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