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Among Us Fall Impostor

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Among Us Fall Impostor is an eternally interesting game for racing among impostors. The race track is divided into segments by a series of obstacles. Each obstacle is divided by doors, some of which can be broken and others not. You can count on breaking a door and going through it, but the doors are the same and you may find yourself in front of a wall. Even in the early stages of the game, this will slow you down a lot. In order not to lose position, you can move to one of the rear seats, such as fourth or fifth, and from a distance to let your competitors open the doors and then catch up through the finished tunnels.
The game is extremely interesting and the horns are an integral part of the competition. Your imposter has to fight for victory, but this is an incredibly difficult mission.

This game is WebGL 3D and you can play it directly from your browsers without installing.
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Among Us Fall Impostor
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