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Gunmach | tactics with tanks

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Gunmach is one of the best games when it comes to tactics with tanks. Great simulation. The game is reminiscent of Nintendo from thirty years ago, but there are significant differences. Tactically it is very different.
You can use mines, repair your machine, add machine guns and also endless shooting. The enemy does not present itself with great variety, but it is numerous and intelligent. It has both tanks and kamikaze drones, which are quite powerful.
As a bonus, you can change the skin of your machine, using one to your liking. In addition to the top, you can join the ranking of the winners and compete for the highest score.
Gunmach is provided by Y8.com and is free to play.
It uses HTML 5 technology, so you won't need an installer other than an up-to-date browser and a good internet connection.
Play and fun.

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