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The Sorcerer Game

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The Sorcerer is unique wizard game with captivating music and intense tempo. By its nature, this class of tower defense with a logical puzzle element in gameplay. You take on the role of a powerful magician. The war must stop the invasion of magical spheres. To do this, you need to find way to collect them in groups of three or more in a row of the same color to destroy them. In this way, the magic spheres cease to exist. In addition, the earlier you stop their journey, the bigger bonus you will receive. For this purpose, you can measure them with your own available spheres. But you should know that if you are not precise and accurate, the spheres will not be destroyed, but will gather into an even faster and longer thread.
The Sorcerer is an online HTML 5 game that you can play directly without installing. You need an up-to-date browser and a good internet connection. You will find more games at Zapak.com

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