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Mafia Billiard Tricks - Play and Learn

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With the game Mafia Billiard Tricks you will learn some of the basic tricks in the game of billiards. This is a very precise game and the subtleties and tricks make billiards great. It is difficult for you to play without mastering them. Once each of the masters has passed on their skills to you, you will have to play against him and defeat him. With each new element the game becomes more difficult and in the end you will have to be as organized as possible.
Some of the tests involve playing for time, while others practice punches with high master technique. Along with all this this game is also very well animated. The music is stimulating and the charm is authentic.
Mafia Billiard Tricks game is kindly provided by Zapak.com, and you will be able to play for free. The source code of the game is HTML 5 and you will not need to install any plugins. Of course, always an up-to-date browser and a good internet connection are always necessary for a good game.


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