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Gods of Arena

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The battles of the ancient Roman world or the gods of the arena.
This is a very good game that we will rate with seven stars. Epic battles from ancient Rome, on the streets of Carthage or the artenes of the ancient world.
Here you are a wealthy merchant and owner of a gladiator school. Their victories will bring you rewards and profits with which you will be able to improve your weapons. Additionally, they will gain experience, and so their qualities will improve.
You will buy suitable slaves to train, and they will fight for you.
Battles are fought automatically, but you will still have the ability to control some of the special techniques and techniques. These special qualities are charged during battles and can even win your battle.
This is a very good game that guarantees you long hours of fun. You can experience the victories of the ancient Roman world.
This game reaches us thanks to the generous initiative of Y8.com

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