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Combat Penguin TD Shooter

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Very good shooter. Perfect fun, shoot snowballs with Combat Penguin - TD-shooting Game. Your fighting penguin is armed with the most modern combat equipment and fights fiercely against the coming snowmen.
Of course, your penguin scientists will provide you from time to time with some other update to improve your fighting abilities. However, snowy creatures are attacking and over time will become armored, able to fly or use creeping drones to destroy your base.
Well here's a subtlety - your snowball cannon actually overheats. It cannot fire before it cools down. This is detrimental to your house.
Here is the time for a feature of the game - use the mouse on your computer as a clicker. You can shoot by intensely clicking on the shooting buttons instead of holding the trigger. Although you will probably get tired, your cannon will not overheat at all.
Combat Penguin also offers great animation and an unobtrusive soundtrack.
This intensive game is provided by gamemonetize.com and you can play it for free on your devices.

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