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27 Aug

From this page of our blog, you can download the Sketch Turner character patch for Streak of Rage Remake.

Recently, our colleague and friend of a friend presented in the community forum of Streets of Rage Remake a new game, Serrr. This is the Comix Zone Remake game that you can also get more information about in the game thread in the community forum.  By nature, this is a mod to SorR5.1. The mod is massive and fundamentally changes the atmosphere of the game. Many core gameplay components have been tweaked, making the game look very different from our familiar streets of Wood Oak City and SoR. One of the most important details is the new character, Sketch Turner, who replaces Adam Hunter. A full character that we know from SEGA's Comix Zone game. He has a very attractive fighting style that fits perfectly with the group of Axel, Blaze, and Max. So Sketch Turner can be a part of their team, and you can use it in battles.

Maybe you're a fan of Sketch and want to use this character in a play.
As we mentioned above, Comix Zone Remake is a massive mod that changes the battlefield and creates a whole new atmosphere.
So that you don't have to download the entire mod with all its changes, we extracted the Sketch character and adapted it for use separately, in the form of a patch that you can add to any classic version of Streets of Rage Remake.
You can mount it easily and replay your favorite classic SorR mods with this new character.
The game is free for everyone, so have fun.

Download, extract, and place the data folder in the main directory of the game. 

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Author: Serrr
Engine: Streets of Rage Remake
Type: Character Patch
Genre: Beat 'em Up
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Use]
Status: Ready to Use

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⭐👉 Download Sketch Turner Character Patch [SorR]

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