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From this page on our site, you can download the latest version of Strets of Rage X OpenRoR by Kratus for free.

As you know, Streets of Rage X is one of the large-scale projects in the OpenBor community. The project is developing at a high speed, so we have a whole series of improvements and realizations of the finished plots of the game.
Thus, after the Beta 24 version, the game Streets of Rage X acquires an increasingly completed appearance, and the main conjuncture is already available.
Older versions have significant differences and can be played as an alternative.
So we open this common theme where we will add for download every new version of the game.
SoR X Openbor from Kratus enjoys great popularity among fans. We will keep you informed of all the innovations and benefits available for download.
Older versions, such as version Beta 12, version Beta 14, and version Beta 22, are separated into your own, and you can find them in the Streets of Rage Game Club. They are also very interesting, and you can get them for free.

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Author: Kratus [F-Games] and OpenBoR Society [Chronocrash.com] 

Author's YouTube Channel - @FGAMES9000 

Author's Facebook Page - F-Games

Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game/Remake
Genre: Beat 'em Up/Fighting
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [Every Latest Version]

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