Streets of Rage X V.12 by Kratus [F-Games]

For nearly a decade now, Kratus has been bringing us some of the best games for OpenBoR. Through his computer game factory F-Games and with unmatched skill and enthusiasm, he is constantly creating. As a true fan of Wood Oak City stories for Streets of Rage, the Author pays great attention to every single detail to craft it in the most perfect way. All of this ensures that Streets of Rage X will be one of the best games ever made.

And so the new BETA version of the game Streets of Rage X v13 is ready for us.
The game is characterized by exceptional stability and ease of management. Elegant gameplay, excellent graphics and a wide screen.
The changes in version SoRX 1.2 are many:
They guarantee a more precise operation of the OpenBoR engine and more complete fun for the gamers who play.
[Description of all changes is attached in the text file attached for download below. You can read it before downloading the game]

Main plot of Streets of Rage X is to be a remake spanning all three installments of Streets of Rage by SEGA. A new mode called Rebellion has also been added. It features all of your Mr.X syndicate opponents as well as bosses. You can use them as selectable characters to play with.

Huge and very comprehensive game settings menu.
Through it, you will be able to adjust the look of the game and how the gameplay flows. Also many new options and surprises.

You can also support his work. You can get more information on the author's personal blog and use the contact form.

Author: Kratus [F-Games] and OpenBoR Society []
Author's YouTube Channel - @FGAMES9000 

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