Streets of Rage X V.14 by Kratus [F-Games]


We haven't unpacked version 12 yet, and here we have two new updates. These are the game previews 13 and 14.

These will probably be the last intermediate versions of the game. [Will include all the best updates that pertain to her main deck and all released versions to date]
Through them, the stability of the kernel and the functionality of the OpenBoR engine will be tested in this new environment.

Once the tests are over, we will be able to enjoy the development of a more complete concept with the addition of new content.
But now Streets of Rage X v.13 and Streets of Rage X v.14 present us with their main plot. A classic retelling created in the spirit of the latest and modern trends.
The two updates also have many improvements and fixes compared to the previous ones.
Unlike v.12, these will probably remain as part of the working project and there will be no official public release. This will be a beta version for testers.
Of course you can download it freely and play it. Anyone who wants to be a tester can join and leave feedback about their impressions and any bugs found.
From here, the project will continue to develop its main concept, which is to be a unique and modern gaming experience for Streets of Rage fans.

So probably version 12 will be the last classic SoRX variant. It is also more stable in terms of durability.

⭐👉 Look version 12

Author: Kratus [F-Games] and OpenBoR Society []
Author's YouTube Channel - @FGAMES9000 

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