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MixMasters [Ver. 0.67][v.3.0 Build 3780]

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MixMasters [Ver. 0.67][v.3.0 Build 3780]

A great game that we can call a super production will delight the fans. Free to download - free to play.
Oh, MixMasters by OpenBoR!
We have unearthed for all of you, our fans, a real treasure from the depths of the producer's archive, left under the piles of new games.
While searching for a suitable new production to introduce to our audience, we came across a truly ancient OpenBoR game. A real super production from the first generation era, games for OpenBoR.
MixMasters will entertain you a lot. Nearly three hours of active gameplay. Alternative development paths that will make you love this remix and want to play it again and again. A total of 14 different heroes will be available as selectable characters. They are selected and remixed from 7 different franchises, among which are Sreet Fighter, Mrvel, The King of Fighters.
The gameplay is very good and atypical. You won't find it in many other productions. We were really lucky to find this game, because although playable, the project was abandoned before completion.
Well, the OpenBoR community once again shows us what great treasures and valuable works of art and gaming it holds.
The MixMasters license is free for non-commercial use.
We also offer you a direct download link, through which you will be able to get the game.

Installation instrucions : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play 
This game has been created by MatMan and OpenBoR Community.
Important note:
The game turns on in a special way.
First launch it from the New Game menu.
Then use the hand and mark with it every character you want to participate in your gameplay. (Specify each character just once - no more)
After specifying the characters, you need to exit through the menu - pause - end game.
Now you can enter the game, again via the New Game menu, and play.
Download Ver. 0.47  by Red Brilliant Fox <++> by Archive <++> 
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 >>> Download by Archive Ver. 0.67 
>>> Direct Download Service Ver. 0.67 <<<

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