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Full BoR Pak Files Unpacker - Compiler Paxplode by OpenBoR

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About this Game !

There are many people who want to edit OpenBoR PAK files. Perhaps every gamer, fan of OpenBoR would like to add their own touches to each game. And that's easy. OpenBoR is free for everyone and uses an open license. In fact, anyone who wants to can give free rein to their creativity.
To edit OpenBoR PAK files, however, you'll need a tool that can easily unpack and then recompile the work.
OpenBoR author Blaze Rhodon has shared his own compiler with fans.
A wonderful toolkit that, at least for us, has been working perfectly so far.
These are just a few of the programs that will help you edit.

How it works - Instructions for use!

- Download the compilator
- Unzip
- Place the files in the main directory of the game you are going to edit.


- Grab and drag the game PAK file onto paxplode.bat
Paxplode.bat will automatically unzip the PAK file and create a new ''data'' folder.
You have to wait!

- After the unzipping is complete you need to put the original PAK file back into the PAKS folder.

You can edit the files in the ''DATA'' folder and test the changes by running the game from its OpenBoR.exe. file.
When you're done making changes, just leave the game as it is - it will be fully functional.

If you still want to repackage the files in PAK format, you will need to perform the following steps.

COMPILE PAK file in OpenBoR

- Grab and drag ''data'' folder onto makepack.bat
The program will automatically compile a new PAK file for you - named ''rv2.pak''

- You will need to rename the new file with the name of the original.

- Copy the new pak file and paste it into the .paks folder, by replacing.

This compiler was presented and made available to fans by Blaze Rhodon via his YouTube channel Blaze Rhodon II

🏆 Blaze's YouTube Channel <<===
🏆 Blaze's YouTube ChannelⅡ<<=== 

📥OpenBoR Compile Tool📥

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free unzipper 7zip Download!

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We have tested this program and it works flawlessly.
However, these programs are freely distributed on the Internet. Therefore, before using - be sure to check with your anti-virus software.

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