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Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town EX

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Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town EX-START-GAME - openbor

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Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town EX! Long awaited and very good game. . .

And so the OpenBoR game by Jon Silva Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town shows its potential, long after its premiere. Many new varieties, updates and upgrades make this platform a rich ecosystem. It is dedicated to the SNK fighters from the Art of Fighting series, and its expanded lineup also includes those who are part of The King of Fighters franchise.
Fighters are transported to the beat 'em up universe of OpenBoR. The game features an open strategy map, with open world elements. Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town is made up of long and lengthy missions which by their nature are separate episodes.
A very interesting game with a complex and good plot to unravel, tense battles and a spectacle of martial arts.
This upgrade to Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town is titled EX and is a direct update to the original version 1.7 by Jon Silva. You will be able to detect the improvements during the game.

Installation instrucions : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play 
This game has been created by Jon Silva, Stone Vender  and OpenBoR society.

And here is the list of additional characters that have been added.
They are a selectable character right from the start of the game and you won't need to unlock the free map beforehand.
Silent Solder LeonaNest KyoEx Angel!Yuri such as Mrs. KarateMarco Rodriguez
Golden GlovesK.I.TEX MaiMay Lee JinjuAsh Crimson
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Art of Fighting - Trouble in South Town EX-Mrs.Karate-openbor
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