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30 Dec

We can describe the game Tecmo Knight as ''Golden Axe-Lingt'' to give you an idea of its plot. A prehistoric setting filled with mythical creatures to defeat. The game was created way back in 1989 by Tecmo.
As other analysts say, Tecmo Knight is a difficult game for beginners, but it's certainly very interesting.
The gameplay isn't difficult if you rely on your punches, but this is a beat 'em up that relies more on tactical interaction with the environment. Typical of old arcade games, the characters are slow and sluggish and have a limited set of actions.
So what can your Tecmo Knight do? He is a fighter very reminiscent of Ax Battler from Golden Ax, but he is very weak and almost impossible to beat. With it, you can ride Smokeman to fight on your behalf. A very strong but slow fighter who jumps high. Through the exchange button, you can switch to Tiger. Relatively weak attack but hits fast and far. Also, as an added bonus, you can find the Dragon Skull. It will give you the ability to fly and shoot unlimited fire, and you will also be invulnerable. The fight with the final boss, Wild Fang, requires more tactical skills. If he beats you, he will be your hero. You have to climb on his head and break one of his horns. This is quite a difficult task, considering that you have to use Smokeman to get on top of it.
Well, you will surely want to replay this fascinating story again after so many years.

Developers: TECMO [Corporate Website]
Release date: 1989
Engine: Firmware
Type: Game

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