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11 Oct
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Well many of you remember the good authentic Gameboy Advance portable console. Colorful 32 bit picture and many games to play with perfect arrangement.
Well, time may have flown by, but let's remember the games...
Now we present to you this one retro legend.
Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith is one of the best content-filled games ever made as part of the Star Wars franchise.
The genre of the game is classic beat 'em up, which means that you will have long battles with fierce opponents. However, the Quest element is very heavily represented, which means that there will be tasks that require agility, precision and wit to overcome.
The gameplay is based on the name of one of the two heroes-knights Anakin Skywalker or Obine Kenobi. This way you will be able to choose which story to play. Obine Kenobi's will take you to the Jedi's exile, while with Anakin you will be able to survive his victories and his transformation into Dard Vader.
Well, the game is very interesting and if you have lost your old gameboy console somewhere - don't worry. The many emulators are a good way to recall the once popular games.

System Requirements:
Visual Boy Advance 
- DirectX Letest Version

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