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Infinite Legacy X: Ikemen Final Battle

You may download the game Infinite Legacy X: Ikemen Final Battle directly, fast, and safely from this page of our Free Ikemen-Go Game Store.

And here's a new great game produced by our Korean friends at Mugen Netplay. It is a beautiful crossover and a full-fledged multiverse. Infinite Legacy X: Ikemen Final Battle - 702 characters from various games are collected in it, among which are the fighters from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters, and others. You will also find such popular games as World Warriors, Doraimon, Super Mario, and others.
In principle, Infinite Legacy X: Ikemen Final Battle is played without interruptions. Stable gameplay is characteristic of Ikemen—the engine she uses for her propulsion. But you can notice some defects in the rendering of the characters, which do not disturb the good gaming. You will also have to wait about a minute for the game to play when you turn it on.
Let's note that the menu is in Korean. It's not the most common language, but for Ikemen Go connoisseurs, it won't be difficult to navigate.

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Developer: Mugen Netplay [YouTube Channel]
Engine: Ikemen-Go
Type: Crossover
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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