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Street Fighter 2 X Grand Master Challenger [Ikemen-GO]

Games using the Ikemen-Go engine are very popular. This is understandable because the engine is known for its high stability and compatibility with the content of the widely used MUGEN. The many additional options that make it possible to enjoy comfortable gameplay.

And here it is now: another remake of the Capcom franchise, Street Fight 2, which is built using the Ikemen-Go engine.
This is the game Street Fighter 2 X Grand Master Challenger ver. 1 Ikemen-GO.
What's new?
This classic remake is built on the foundation of Street Fighter 2.
Street Fighter 2: Grand Master Challenger comes with a choice of 16 selectable characters, plus two more hidden characters.
These are Evil Ryu and Akuma; they are not selectable.
While Evil Ryu starts randomly as a super-strong opponent, Akuma is the final boss.
We should note that the game is quite difficult. You will need good experience to play it.
You can unlock all additional characters by pressing the "START" button The "START" button is activated from the input settings menu

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Author: Zelgadix
Genre: Fighting Game
Type: Game/Remake
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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