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Capcom vs. SNK Universe

You may download the game Capcom vs. SNK Universe directly, fast, and safely from this page of our Free Ikemen-Go Game Store.

A good game from Ikemen-Go. Capcom vs. SNK Universe is designed primarily for multiplayer. However, you can make sure of the innocent good qualities. The difficulty level is well above average, but this will appeal to avid fans of Mugen and Ikemen fighting games.
What the game will include: several game modes, including P vs. P.
If you wish to change the layout of the game buttons, you can do so from the config.ssz file in the ssz folder.
You can replace the keys in the menu for the corresponding player, but you can also use the corresponding code by replacing it directly in the directory under
-1, (int)k_t::UP, (int)k_t::DOWN, (int)k_t::LEFT, (int)k_t::RIGHT,
(int)k_t::A, (int)k_t::S, (int)k_t::D, (int)k_t::Z, (int)k_t::X, (int)k_t::C,
To choose the right combination for you, you just need to replace the capital letters with those that correspond to the keys you want on the keyboard.
Then copy the code and paste it on the appropriate line by replacing.
Capcom vs. SNK Universe comes to its fans with a choice of over 80 characters from the brand. Among your favorite fighters, you will find Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Morigan, Sol, Jin, Ryo, Mr. Karate, Akuma, etc.

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Developer: MUGEN Community [All credits can be found in the game's text files]
Engine: Ikemen-Go
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [DEMO]

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