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Tripeaks Solitaire

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Tripeaks Soiltaire is one of the best, entertaining and fascinating solitaires. This game is extremely enjoyable to play and relax and will not burden you unnecessarily with complex combinations.
The object of this game is to clear the cards from the board by putting them back in the deck.
The clearing is carried out by placing a new one card from the table on the inverted card in the deck. Only cards that are one size larger or smaller can be placed on the face up card in the deck. That is, if you have an inverted card with a value of 3 on the deck, then you can add one with a value of 4 or 2. When you add a new card, it becomes a new starting indication for selection. If you do not have a suitable card, turn over a new one from the closed deck.
The Ace is a special card here its value is the highest and it stands above the king but at the same time it is lower than the pair in the game.

You can play this game without installing it directly from your online browsers. 
This game reaches you thanks to the generous initiative of Y8.com

Tripeaks Solitaire free html5 game
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