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Play Chess ~Fritz

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A Board game of chess by ChessBasse.
This is Fritz, kindly provided to us by chessbase.com. In fact, it is one of the best artificial intelligences for chess, which is widespread.
The logical moves of this one are really good. The level of difficulty, as the authors say, is the average player. However, the game you will learn completely imitates the presence of a player. In fact, the Fritz robot also has an 
account at chessbase.com, where he works under the name Friedrich Müller.
Mr. Mueller's qualities are unsurpassed and you will not be bored. This player is always available and you will not have to wait for a suitable opponent to appear. Fritz can wait for you to move all day, but he won't leave you.
Player ranking is a particularly valuable element. This valuable tool is still a chess computer model and Fritz's opponents take part in the ranking - "Achievements against Fritz"
Fritz's popularity is growing, so if you join, players have beaten this program.

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