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Klondike Solitaire - Clean style

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Very good virtual board game with clean style console. This game will inspire you to play. Clean and friendly look of the game with ergonomic design. Very good console, for relaxation and tone - you will play solitaire with ease.
The rules are standard. You must arrange the columns of cards in descending order, with the King taking the highest value, and arrange the cards in sequence, crossing them according to their worlds. When you have Ace, try to separate it in the boxes provided at the top, and add cards in ascending order of the appropriate type.
The remaining cards, which cannot yet be added to the boxes, continue to be played in the columns. When you are missing a card to fill in, you can look for it in the main deck of cards. Dig out the necessary map by turning them over one by one. If you want a more complex game, you can use the option with three cards on the deck. So two of the cards remain locked below the first and you can unlock them only after using the first card.

This game reaches us, thanks to the generous initiative of the creators of gameboss.com

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