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Imposter Battle .io | battle royale-last man standing

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There are so many jewels among us - we have to collect them. But this planet hides an ominous surprise. 
-Among us has an imposter!? ... 
Imposter Battle .io is a last survivor battle. The crew landed on a distant planet, where they were caught in a death zone. The ship in the center is one and they all become imposters. The goal of eliminating the rest of the crew is to board the spacecraft before the red zone of death catches up with you. Armed with a sword, as well as various bonuses along the way will give you different abilities with which to defeat your enemies.
The pitch you are fighting on is an arena type, and the game is quite interesting and intense.

Imposter Battle .io is one of the best online games you can play. This game is inspired by the artwork "Among Us" and you will be able to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere. 

The rich menu will allow you to choose your own player, and give him different, new features and improvements.
All the necessary items can be collected from the battlefield during the campaign. Of course you have to get to the rocket first and take off with it.

This game is WebGL 3D and you can play it directly from your browsers without installing.
This game reaches you thanks to gamemonetize.com

Imposter Battle io-battle royale-last-man-standing
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