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Among Us with Cats | warriors arena

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Exciting, amazingly great. Among us with cats - arena, is here and you can play it. This game draws its spirit from "Among us"
Lightning, ferocious, irrevocable warriors, an integral part of the world of impostors. With such a master in your ship, and with your crew is over. 
In an alternate universe, the world is ruled by cats. These intelligent beings lead relentless internal warriors and infighting for power and supremacy. Your imposter is armed with a dagger, but the further he ascends the hierarchy, the more powerful he will be and the more powerful upon will use - sword, chopper, spear and ax.
You can defeat the enemy with a blow or by speed attack, but be careful not to roll on the enemy's edge.
Your goal is to eliminate as many impostors as possible and get the most powerful weapon. Of course among us there are many good fighters who are well armed and have gained experience in battles, so you will have to learn quickly.

Brave warriors like these prevail over all previously known fighters. Extremely brave and talented, they can easily beat any champion. This game is html5 WebGL 3D and you can play it directly from your browsers without installing. 
This game is html5 WebGL 3D and you can play it online, directly from your browsers without installing.
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Among Us with Cats
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