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3 Warrior Team Force

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3 Warrior Team Force is an adventure beat 'em up game for real players.
Your gang must cleanse the medieval kingdom of hordes of trolls and other warlike creatures that plunder the riches of your world.
Adventure missions are many and varied, and before each of them, you will be able to use the collected resources to increase the potential of your bandits.
And your group is diverse.
A powerful knight - first on the battle line, will meet the enemy waves and cut them with his sword.
A suprame magician who will send fireballs from a distance.
Sagittarius - his ability to shoot accurately and meticulously are indispensable. This character will provide support from a distance and will stop the enemy from afar.
You can gradually take control of each of these characters and use its qualities accurately.
The game is extremely well produced and will gather many fans.
The graphical implementation of the game is multi-line 2D, which means that the map has a volume and you can maneuver, ror complete tactics inherent in all beat 'em up games.
3 Warrior Team Force can be played directly online from your browser. The game does not need to be pre-installed on your computers, but it is always good to have an up-to-date browser through which to play.
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